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Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Jelly Race

On Friday, November 1, we held our second "Jelly Race".  We had a lot of fun and laughs.

First, the ladies opened up their jelly rolls and mixed them up in a bag.  Taking them out, one by one, they sewed them end to end to make a strip 1600 inches long.

Then they took both ends and sewed them together, lengthwise, to make a 800 inch strip.  The trick was:  NOT to get a twist in the strips at the fold end.  This frustrated a lot of them!

Nancy and Dona playing "QUILT"!

Whenever I called out, everyone had to immediately stop what they were doing and listen to me.  During these STOP times, we played "QUILT" (BINGO) and ran around the store with rotary cutters (no blades in them).

We ate dinner, played "QUILT", tossed chips into a trash bin and played "QUILT".

 Sandie, Jane and Dona sewing strips, end to end.

Jennifer, Liz, Marianne, Shauna and Jane concentrate on sewing.

Shauna cutting her borders.

Congratulations, Shauna!  First Place Winner!
Shauna received a large tote bag for her Serenity Quilt top.

 Sandie came in second.  She received a bin and supplies.  (sorry, the picture didn't turn out).


Jennifer came in third, with her Halloween Quilt, for a "Best Press" prize.


Marianne and her Dot Jelly Quilt.

 Jane and her Dots quilt top.

Dona finished her Moda jelly rolls quilt.

Nancy and Liz also finished theirs.  But, the battery died in the camera.  :-(

More pictures to come later.

We hope everyone had fun staying up 'til midnight!

Hope to see all of you next time.  :-D