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Wednesday, February 26, 2014

New Fabrics


Things have been kind of hectic here at My Sister's Quilts.  Linda and I lost our older sister, Kathy Westover, in January.  We will miss her.

We have received over 15 lines of fabric, over a dozen blenders and over 4 dozen new batiks in the last 4 weeks!

"Chalk Talk" by Blank
"Puppy Love" by Quilting Treasures

"Emma" by Timeless Treasures
"Lost and Found" by Riley Blake

"Kitty Kat" by Blank
"Sewing Kit" by Blank

"Special Delivery" by Quilting Treasures

We also are going to be doing a little remodeling (March 1) and starting 3 new block of the month quilts (April).  Look for these quilts in the shop.  I will put up pictures as soon as possible.

We have had a high demand for doing the "Snowpeople" block of the month quilt again.  So, here we go for the 4th year.   Look for these quilts in the store. 

We have just signed a lease for another 4 years!  THANK YOU for making the last 4 years a success for us!

Monday, February 24, 2014

February Mystery Quilt of the Month

Here is our February Mystery Quilt of the Month - "Starflower".  

Yellow and Gray version

Sorry about all the confusion with the border fabric.  We have received a new shipment of the yellow and the peach fabrics, (sorry,we were not able to get any of the blue) for all of you who still need border fabric, backs and bindings.

The fabric for the March Mystery Quilt of the Month is on display at the shop.  I will have the picture up soon.