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Monday, March 31, 2014

Upcoming Jelly Race

The Jelly Race is Coming!

On Friday, April 11, we will be having our Jelly Race.  It starts at 7:00 p.m. and goes until midnight.
We play games, sew, eat, sew, talk, sew, win prizes and sew!
If you have not joined us before, now is the time.
Come in and sign up and choose your jelly roll (we will hold it until the night of class)!

Here are some pictures from our last Jelly Race.

Quilt Bingo


Button Toss

Jennifer Neilsen and her Halloween Jelly Quilt.

Shauna Lawrence shows off her finished top.

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Spicy Spiral Table Runner

Spicy Spiral Table Runner

Myrna Draper took our Spicy Spiral Class and made this great table runner.  It is such a fun table runner to make, and very addicting too!  It requires only 8 fat quarters for the top.  Purchase the fat quarters or use your scraps.  Quilt it on your home machine too!  You can also use it as a wall hanging.

Contact us for class information.

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Puppy Love

Puppy Love Quilt

Finally, we have the kits ready for this fun quilt!
(Sorry it took so long, but we wanted to proof the pattern for you.)
The darling puppy hexagons are all fussy-cut (hence the large amount of yardage for that piece)
and quarter- square triangles make this darling quilt a must have!
The kit includes the fabric for the quilt top, binding and pattern for $117.55.
Come in see the quilt made by Nancy Hutchinson using pattern and fabric by Quilting Treasures.

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Block of the Month Programs Starting Soon

Block of the Month Programs

We have three programs starting in April and May.  There is a $25 registration fee for each, which pays for your final kit.  This is a program where you just come in and pick up your kit, no class to worry about attending. 
"A to Z for Ewe and Me" - An appliqued alphabet quilt designed by Janet Stone for The Quilt Show.  The quilt measures 69" x 88", finished, and the program runs 12 months.  Kits are $19.95 each month.  Patterns will need to be downloaded with a special code each month.

"Daydream" - This quilt measures 86" x 104" finished.  It features Michael Miller Fabrics (Spa color) and the pattern is by Swirly Girls.  The program runs 10 months at $20.95 per month.

"Plain & Fancy" is a 82" x 82" finished quilt.  It features the Petals and Matrix fabrics by Quilting Treasures, with the option of pieced or applique' cornerstones.  It runs 9 months at $24.95 per month.

Plain & Fancy with appliqued cornerstones
Plain & Fancy with pieced cornerstones
Sign up today for one (or more) of these gorgeous quilts today!

Friday, March 14, 2014

A Fast Remodel

We decided that our classroom was way too small for our needs (and for the Quilt Guild), so we set about to remodel it.  Quilts came down and tables, chairs and projects were moved out of the classroom.  The pattern and slat wall was moved and the work began.  On Saturday, March 1, family and friends joined us to clear off the shelves that would be moved.  Fat quarters, bolts of fabric and patterns were all moved in less than 1 hour.
Janessa and Randi on Fat Quarter Duty.                           Elliot telling Michelle where to move things!

Holding up the wall.
The sheet rock of the classroom wall had been removed previously.  Now it was time for Bob to saw it off the wall and pry it up from the floor.
(Good thing it wasn't permanently glued down.)                                                        

Brian Hermansen and his crew came in to move our shelves for us.     
Time to tip the wall to move to it's new location.
Elliot keeps busy watching a movie.    

Getting the wall secured in it's new place.          Elliot thinks the hammer gun is too loud!

The new end of our classroom! Another 6 feet.
After a week of hard work from Linda & Bob and all the helping hands (Carolyn & Evan, Amber & Jerry Cox, Rick Fabrizio for the work on the carpet, Michelle Bennett, Randi & Nicholas Weight, Tyler & Janessa Peterson, Nancy & Jim Hutchinson, Lisa & Darren Weight, Brian Hermansen for the work with the cabinets and Angie Hagerman for taking pictures), we were finally able to clean and get everything back in order!