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Wednesday, July 23, 2014

July Mystery Quilt of the Month

Do your eyes go crazy when you sew on spots?  Mine certainly did!
This is our July Mystery Quilt of the Month.
It was fast and easy (if you could stand looking at all those spots).
It measures 48" x 60" and was a lot of fun designing. 

Check out the fabric the fabric for the August Mystery Quilt of the Month!

Can you imagine what we will make with this selection?

$28.95 (+ tax) will put you on the list for this kit.  Sign up and pay for it by August 8th and then pick up your kit on August 11th.

Are you in for a MYSTERY?

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

By the Sea

We couldn't take time to go to the ocean, so we brought part of the ocean to us!

Our cute little sea turtle is our July Pincushion of the Month.
The kit sales for $7.50 (+ tax) and includes pattern, fabric, stuffing and bead eyes.

Supplies are limited.

Every month on the 20th we have a new pincushion for sale.  Visit our shop to see all the past pincushions.

Monday, July 14, 2014

Utah Row by Row Experience

We are really enjoying having all of you in for the Row by Row Experience!  It has been fun seeing those we know and meeting the new.  Sorry to say that I have made some mistakes on the pattern.  If you have already picked up your pattern, you will need to make the following corrections:  BEACH UMBRELLA - cut the gray 1" x 15".  Step #3 - Square block to 9 1/2".  BEACH BALL & FLIP FLOPS - Step #1, cut the strips to 5" x wof.  Cut into 5" lengths after sewing.  Step #2, square the blocks to 9 1/2".  All the patterns from here on out, have been corrected. 

You still have plenty of time to start collecting patterns for the Utah Row by Row Experience.  Check it out on facebook or look up the website at  The experience goes to September 2, 2014. 

We hope that you are having fun with this Row by Row Shop Hop!