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Saturday, December 21, 2013

Scant 1/4" Seams


Are you having trouble getting those scant 1/4" seams?  Yes, a quilter's foot for  your machine is great, but can be expensive.  I have tried using painter's tape, masking tape, sticky notes (stacked up) and mole skin. Nothing was satisfactory to me.  The tapes came off too easily (when I didn't want them to), the grandkids had too much fun with the sticky notes and the mole skin wouldn't come off!  :-/

One of our customers told me of this neat trick.

The only thing you need is a lined index card and a sewing machine that the needle will change positions.

Line up the side of the presser foot with a line on the index card.  Now, start sewing.  Move your needle position so it is just barely to the right of the line.  Wah La! You  now have sewn a scant 1/4".  Just make sure you record exactly which position you needle is in for future use. 

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