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Friday, October 24, 2014

Mystery Quilt of the Month

Customers thought we were crazy when they saw how many fabrics were in the October Mystery Quilt of the Month.  There were 10!  But, we think it turned out great!  What do you think?

"Harvest Medley" measures 54" square with the borders.

When you purchase the Mystery Quilt of the Month, you get to see the fabrics being used and find out just how big the quilt will be with and without borders.  The borders are not usually included in the kit, they will need to be purchased separately.  Kits cost $28.95 each.  The kits need to be ordered by the 8th of the month and you may pick them up on the 10th of the same month.  When you pick up your kit, you may also purchase fabric for your borders, binding and backing.  If you would like to make your quilt bigger, we would suggest that you purchase 2 or more kits.  This will guarantee that you will get enough fabric to do so.  The fabrics are available to purchase, only for those who have purchased the kit, until the 20th.  After that, the fabrics will go back on the shelf.

These patterns are not for sale, but we hope that they will be soon!

Here are the fabrics for the November Mystery Quilt of the Month.  You may choose from the Red Elegant or the Green Whimsical Christmas.  You will need to sign up by November 8th.

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